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Now let’s dive into this week’s topic! Can you believe it’s June already? I know we say this every year, but it is true. .   the year flew by and summer is knocking at our door.   While the emotions we experience about summer are mostly positive, the transition for some kids can be difficult, filled with complex and mixed emotions. Saying goodbye to friends, moving into a less structure environment like summer activities can create some anxiety for children.  This in turn can translate to some behavioral challenges at home; change, even good change, can create uneasiness in children (and well, let’s be honest, adults too).  Not being used to having your child all day long , every day of the week at home, can be also an adjustment for you as a parent. So, what can we do to make this transition as smooth as possible?

  1. Validate your child’s emotions and prepare them in advance– One week before school is over start explaining to your child that change is coming. Remind them that when change happens it is ok to feel different emotions like sadness, excitement, happiness, anger and that sometimes we can feel all of these at the same time! By doing this you are validating the process they may be going through and helping them cope.  Remind them they won’t be seeing their teachers during the summer, but that they can make them a sweet card to say good bye (this external processing is so important in helping children prepare for change!)
  2. Keep a schedule– School is a very predictable and structured environment for a child. When summer comes, we are ready to drop the routine, enjoy the breeze and a lemonade!! However, it will be beneficial to keep some predictability on your schedule. You can do this by sitting down as a family and creating a plan of activities to do in the next months. Be specific and have a plan, even if it means “hanging at home”. This way you can prepare your child on what to expect.
  3. If possible, maintain friendships– Children are quick to make friendships and they get attached just as fast.   Within your power try to schedule times to see their school friends during the summer, especially if they are moving to a new school. This will create some familiarity that is super helpful when our routines change.
  4. Enjoy this time! We only get eighteen summers with our kids before they are considered adults, so let’s make the most of them! We don’t have to pack the schedule, just being together shows them how important time together is! On the other hand, it is helpful to have some ideas for activities to do during the summer, if you would like to see all the camps and summer activities in the Seattle area make sure to visit!

We hope even a few of these tips will help you feel more relax about this transition! Enjoy the sunshine that’s coming our way and stay hydrated!

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