New Family Registration


Tuition Rates 2022-2023 

Step 1: Apply Online

  • Click here to create your Jackrabbit Account and enroll in 1 class per child – the exception is City Kids Club
  • Once filled out, click the ‘Submit Registration’ button
  • Fees will be processed according to the class you enroll in (fees are not processed for submitting your name on a wait-list).

Step 2: Enrollment Paperwork

  • Complete the 2022-2023 Enrollment Packet and turn it into the School Office.
  • Complete the Immunization Form and turn it into the School Office (First, ask if your doctor’s office can print it for you with your child’s info automatically filled in on a state form. If they can, just sign and date the form before turning it in. (See instructions on the second page)
  • Fill out the Allergy/Intolerance Report Form if your child has any known allergies and turn it into the office.
  • Fill out the Asthma Action Plan if your child has asthma, or receive one from your doctor and turn it into the office.
  • Once these documents and fees are collected, your child’s space will be secured in the class.