Summer break is well underway. Are you feeling overwhelmed by suddenly having your kids home all day, every day? You’re not the only one. For a lot of parents, summer break can be more stressful than relaxing. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Here are some tips on how to thrive (not just survive) summer break:

  • Establish a new routine: Your kids are used to the structured routine of school. So, when that routine disappears, life can become a little chaotic. That’s why it’s important to create a new routine. Setting a bedtime, wake-up time, and a basic plan for the day are examples of elements that create a successful routine for your kids. Your new routine doesn’t need to be as structured as during the school year but having a simple timeline for each day can be very helpful.
  • Fight against FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): It’s easy to scroll through social media and feel like your summer isn’t going as well as everyone else’s when you see a far-off vacation or theme park day. But that’s not necessarily true! Push against FOMO by planning simple, fun activities to do with your kids each day. Don’t let comparison stop you from making the summer with your kids great!
  • Entertain with engaging activities: There are so many fun activities, both big and small, to do with your kids during the summer! Movies and other media are great and all, but will only keep your kids engaged for so long before they get bored and restless. Check out another one of our blog posts for fun water activities to get your kids outside and active!

Summer break will be over be for you know it. Treasure the days you have in the sunshine with your kids before it gets gray and gloomy again!

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