As we enter the holiday season, especially in this month of November, many people take time to reflect on all the wonderful things they have to be thankful for. With Orphan Sunday approaching in a few short days (November 7th), here at City Ministries CPA we are counting our blessings for the many people who have joined us in our mission to serve vulnerable families and children in our community.  

-We are grateful for our licensed foster families who have kept their homes open to children in care in these last few years when they were themselves undergoing the many challenges and uncertainties happening in the world. 

-We are grateful for new families that heard the call of God to become a licensed foster family and chose to move forward with starting the licensing process so that they can also open their homes to children in need. 

-We are grateful for our volunteers- who continued showing up and supporting families and children in care, in a new way this year. 

-We are grateful for donors who continued to support the work that we do to help families through their financial gifts and through holiday gift donations to help make Christmas extra special for children in care.  

It only takes a brief few minutes of reviewing some of our state’s foster care statistics to see that the need for licensed foster parents is still very high. If you have a heart for children in care and are considering being licensed as a foster family, please reach out to us at info@citymin.org to connect with a CPA team member about how to start this process. 

Every family that chooses to become licensed as a foster family is one more opportunity for a child to find the love, care, stability, and support that they need to heal, grow, and thrive!  

If you want to get involved in a different way, please look at our opportunities of how you can get involved here: https://citymin.org/get-involved/  

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children and families in our community!  


Foster Care Statistics: 

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