As I sit here writing this post about City Kids School’s “Night of Christmas”, I can’t help but smile as I replay that catchy Christmas song in my head and picture my students singing their little hearts out for Jesus!!!   Thursday Night was such a beautiful reminder of what we do and who we are as a school. This Christmas Program is one of the events that really highlights our heart as a community.It brings together families, neighbors and friends to celebrate the gift that we have found in Jesus’ birth.  What a joy it was to witness our students express, through worship, songs and art, the beauty of this season! As every class stood on stage to take their part, we were reminded of the real meaning of Christmas, which is hidden right in the heart of who Jesus is. Even those little ones who stood there in amazement of all that was happening around them, were carrying the message of joy, peace and God is with us!!  They were all so brave to go up there in front of so many people to perform! From the little two-year old to the kindergarteners, each one captivated our hearts with their smiles,synchronized (or sometimes unsynchronized) movements and with their perfect individual Christmas’ outfits.

We want to thank every mom, dad, aunt, grandma, grandpa,uncle, friend and neighbor that joined us Thursday night. Thank you for saying yes to raising a generation of boys and girls that are confident in who God created them to be! Thank you for rehearsing with your kids at home, in the car, in the grocery store and during dinner time (to the point you found yourself singing that Christmas song at work).  What I love the most about Thursday night, is that even though the program only lasted an hour, the impact will truly be long lasting. I believe that because of Thursday night, our hearts are prepared to continue to think about the true meaning of this Christmas season. Thank you for investing and for believing that together we can raise kids that recognize the greatest gift of all is the fact that Jesus was born to save us, and remind us that he is with us.

We hoped you enjoyed Thursday night as much as we did! We will see you next year to sing more, eat cookies and be together to celebrate the love carried by a little baby born inside a manger on a glorious starry night.

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