Dear City Ministries Family,

Here we are in May 2021!  Can you believe it?  Is it just me or does time seem to be moving faster? The last year or so has brought a whole new dimension to our lives with challenges and opportunities. No matter what we have faced in the last 15 months City Ministries continues to work to help families and children in the foster care system.  This is National Foster Care Awareness Month, and we want to highlight our foster care agency and its dedicated team of professionals.  To keep costs low, we run with a small but effective team: Agency Director/Senior Case Manager, Case Manager, Agency Licensor, Agency Support Specialist, and volunteers.  These dedicated professionals walk prospective foster parents through the licensing process and support them once they receive placements.  They lead cases and work as a liaison between foster parents and state workers. They monitor, supervise, and provide transportation for visits, do home inspections, respond to emergencies, provide nights and weekends “on-call”, plan and execute children’s activities, facilitate on going training, plan two informational/update meetings for parents each year, oversee respite care and so much more.

We need your financial support to continue to deliver the high-quality service we provide.  In 13 years of operation: we received no “founded investigations”, in over 100 placements only 5 returned to the system and 4 were re – placed with our family who cared for them the first time. 7 children were adopted into their forever homes with our families. We have a 5+ year foster parent retention rate, with many families entering their 10th year. Our staff retention is high with the director having 13 + years affiliated with City Ministries.

I am asking on behalf of our board and myself that this May, during Foster Care Awareness Month, that you would consider donating to City Ministries. Be assured your funds will be used to continue the work of this incredible team and foster parents to be those who help families and children in crisis.

Thank you to all whom have given in the past and those of you who will give now!  Click the link “Donate” to Give.


Cheryl Haskins, MBA

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