Many families hear “home inspection” and suddenly feel the need to clean every nook and cranny of their home, have yummy smelling cookies in the oven when the inspector arrives and ready to present the best version of their home; you know, the one that looks like no one lives in it version.  While yes, your home should be clean and sanitary, the purpose of the home inspection is to make sure your home is prepared to welcome children safely and that it meets the Washington State laws and rules that pertain to foster homes, the WAC’s.   

Prior to your official home inspection, we will guide you through what is required and what preparations may be needed within your home to meet the WAC requirements.  If any modifications need to be made, time will be given to help you meet these needs prior to submitting your application to the state.   

Here are just a few common requirements that are expected of your home: 

-You must provide an appropriately sized bed for the number of children you are being licensed for  

-Electrical outlet covers must be installed in areas that are accessible to children who may be endangered to exposed outlets 

-All bedrooms need access to the outside in case of an emergency 

-All toxic materials need to be kept out of reach from children  

-You must develop an evacuation plan in case of a fire, natural disaster or other emergency 

-You must have at least one 2A10BC- rated five pound or larger fire extinguisher  

-You must have a first aid kit 

-All animals on your property must be safe and properly cared for in a sanitary manner 

Here is a complete list of the Minimum Licensing Requirements for Foster Homes . 

While the list of requirements can seem overwhelming at first, you will work through it alongside your licensor throughout the licensing process.  Our agency and the state want to work in conjunction with you to set your home up for success.  We will be there to help guide you, brainstorm and navigate any challenges there may be to prepare your home.  

So, bake your favorite cookies and clean out your junk drawer if you want, but these aren’t the requirements of a successful home inspection.   

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