As a foster parent, accepting a placement into your home can be both an exciting and anxious time.  Having information prior to receiving a child in your home is important for a successful placement for both the child in care and foster family.  This information can help you assess if a placement will be a good fit for your home.  There are times that minimal information is known about a child when they first enter care, but it is always good to have questions ready prior to receiving a call for placement.   

Some of these questions may include: 

  • Why is the child being placed in out of home care?
  • If the child has had multiple placement transitions, what was the reason?
  • Does the child have any medical issues or upcoming medical appointments? Is the child currently on any medication?
  • Is the child currently involved in any services i.e., speech therapy or counseling?
  • Does the child currently have family time visits with parents or siblings? What is the visit schedule?
  • Where does the child currently attend school and daycare?
  • Can the child’s school and/or daycare change if placed with me?  What are their likes and dislikes?
  • What are their favorite foods?
  • Will the child be coming into care with any items i.e., clothes or diapers?
  • Does the child have any allergies to food or animals?
  • If the child is an infant- what size diapers do they use? What kind of formula do they use?
  • Does the child have other siblings and if so, where do they reside?
  • Does the child exhibit any behaviors and if so, what do these look like?
  • How does the child interact with peers and older or younger children at daycare, school, or current foster home? How will they do with siblings in the home?
  • Is there an upcoming Family Team Decision Making meeting (FTDM)?
  • Is there a Shelter Care hearing scheduled?
  • Will this be a short or long-term placement? What is the child’s legal status and current permanency plan?
  • Do they have any comfort items we should be aware about? 

By having some of your questions answered prior to accepting placement, this helps you prepare for the child prior to them arriving.  Even though you may not receive all the answers to your questions, it is always best to ask them in hopes of gaining some information about the child prior to placement.  

If you feel called to open your home to children in care, please contact City Ministries at  We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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