Is there anything better than a crisp fall day in Washington?  They are perfect for walks and outdoor fall activities! At City Kids School we know that those perfect crisp days do not happen all the time, so we have decided to share a few family -fun tips for those rainy days!

One thing we have learned over the years is kids of all ages benefit from a walk in the rain and to dance in the puddles (when dressed in proper rain gear😊).

So, the next time you’re outside together in the rain, here is something to try; bring out chalk and make a color mixing masterpiece together. As the chalk gets wet, it creates new color combinations and turns your drawings in to new shapes.

Another fun activity for an outdoor rain party is bringing out pots, pans, glassware, Tupperware…really anything that your child finds in the kitchen and listen to the beautiful music you can create with raindrops!

This week in class our students decided to make a “Worm House” out in the meadow. We used leaves as the roof and sticks for the support beams and walls in order to make a house for the worms to stay out of the rain.  Another option when you want to be outside in the rainy weather, make a mini town that you create together! Let your imagination take over!!!

A favorite indoor craft for the cozy evenings-in (also super simple) is, with Mod Podge, a mason jar, and tissue paper! Cover the mason jar with Mod Podge and use ripped up tissue paper. After the tissue paper dries, you can use these jars as little homemade candle holders! Great for homemade gifts!!

I know it can seem like we’re stuck inside more often when summer is over, but really this is a great season to be creative with new ways! Cheers to many rainier, cozy, fall days together!  Thanks for reading. 😊

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