City Ministries CPA prides itself in having a work environment and culture that makes its staff want to show up to work every day with a positive attitude and stick around for a long time. Many of the staff currently working at City Ministries CPA have been at the agency for 5+ years (me included). During a time when it is common for people to jump from one organization or company to another within a few years, having staff members stay on at City Ministries CPA for so long speaks volumes about our work culture. So, what is it that makes City Ministries CPA a great place to work at? Below are a few reasons! 

  1. Inclusive and Diverse- City Ministries CPA is an inclusive organization that hires and welcomes in individuals with different cultural backgrounds, genders, ages, races, and abilities. Our staff reflects the community that we serve and each individual adds value to our team dynamic and overall work culture. 
  2. Relational and Collaborative- City Ministries CPA is a small, close-knit team that is very relational, collaborative, and teamwork oriented. We care about one another in and outside of work, and we work together to solve problems and come up with new ideas for growth. 
  3. Mission Minded- Staff members are committed to the vision and mission of the organization to help families and children in need in our community. Together with the same heart and mind we work hard to make a difference in broken families lives and wrap around foster families as they care for children. 
  4. Fun- Our team takes the time to celebrate one another, to share in each other’s special moments, and to have lighthearted laughter and fun in the midst of the hard work that we do. 
  5. Supportive and flexible- City Ministries CPA prioritizes it’s staff having good work life balance and practicing self-care. Full-time employees have great healthcare and time off benefits, and they are encouraged to use it. Many roles also include the option to work remotely as needed. 
  6. Strong leadership- The City Ministries CPA team thrives under strong leaders who lead the agency with expertise, vision, and wisdom.  

City Ministries CPA is continuing to grow and currently we have one job position to fill! 

Licensor for City Ministries CPA  

If you have a heart for families and children in the community, want to work at an amazing organization with a phenomenal work culture, and have the qualifications required for this role please e-mail a resume and over letter to Christie at to apply for this position. Thank you! 

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