How often do we forget, God chose us to be a parent to the children He gave us? Is it the tenth time we asked them to put on their shoes, or the hundredth time we ask them to stop fighting with their siblings.  Maybe we are unable to remember at the dinner table when our wonderful little humans refuse to eat the dinner we make? At these times we must remind ourselves we get to be a parent. Our children can be strong-willed and in training to be a leader. They may be distracted by something that interests them. They might like silly combinations of food that actually taste great together. God lets us shepherd His children here on Earth and He trusts us and allows us to raise His children. When I became a parent, I was given advice to pray over my children. Good advice right?  I also got a very specific piece of advice that I pray daily. The advice was to pray for God to show me the gifts and talents He gave to my children and for the wisdom and knowledge to know how to “water” and grow those specific gifts like a flower grows. Out of the blue one night, after praying, my daughter told me, “Mom, I think God is calling me to be an artist.” Art is not one of my strong suits, it never has been. Sometimes their gifts and talents may be things we know nothing about or even care to know about. Whether your child is gifted as a musician, a teacher, a chef, an artist, a CEO, a mechanic, an engineer, an attorney,  we are called to be intentional to pray and support them as God is developing those gifts and talents, not for our benefit but for His kingdom and spreading the good news of Jesus.

1 Peter 4:10 “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms” NIV

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