Summer is less than two weeks away! What does this mean? Sunny days and outdoor activities for children to keep themselves occupied and having fun in the sun! And what’s better than a regular summer activity? A water summer activity! This way children keep themselves cool in the heat. Here are some fun activities for your children this summer: 

Obstacle course (source: Meaningful Mama) – create a fun interactive obstacle course with items you have at home. Here are a few obstacles you can set up to get started: 

  • Slip and slide 
  • Water relay- place two buckets on opposite sides of the field, fill one bucket with water and leave one bucket empty. Have the child fill a cup with water from the bucket that has water and carry it to the empty bucket until it gets filled up. 
  • Using swim noodles to set up arches for children to crawl through 

Sponge Toss (source: The Resourceful Mama) – set up two buckets filled with water on opposite sides of a field. Give children one large sponge. Have them dip the sponge into the bucket of water and toss it back and forth to one another. 

Water Balloon Pinata (source: Red Ted Art) –  put up a rope or string that you can hang water balloons on from one side of the yard to another. Fill up water balloons and tie them on a string to the rope. Give children a stick, blindfold them, and have them bat at the water balloons until they pop.  

Duck Duck Splash (source: Inspiration Made Simple) – fill up a bucket of water and set it by the game. Have children sit in a circle. Choose one child to be “it”. Give that child a cup of water filled from the bucket. The child walks around the circle, taps each child on the shoulder and says “duck”, until they reach a child they choose to tag. They say “splash”, pour out the water in the cup on the child, and run to sit down at the spot of the child they tagged. If they get back to the spot, they are safe and the child they tagged is now “it”.  

Water Balloon Hunt (source: Mess for Less) – fill up colorful water balloons and place them outside for children to find. To make it more interesting, if multiple children are participating have them look for only a certain color (make sure you have the same number of balloons of each color) or draw shapes on the balloons and have each child look for a certain shape. Set a timer as they look, and once they finish up, have them use the balloons they collected to do a balloon toss or a balloon fight with one another.  

Water Balloon Volleyball (source: Urban Funny Farm) – set up a volleyball net and have at least two children on each side of the net. Give each set of children a towel to hold and have them toss a water balloon over the net to one another.  

As you set up these activities, please make sure to comply with Washington’s Water Safety WAC to keep your children safe this summer as they enjoy these interactive activities!  

For more ideas of fun summer water activities please visit these websites: 

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