Happy November everyone! We are all one step closer to the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Along with ushering in the holidays comes ushering in a plethora of holiday traditions. Every household is different, and every home is different, celebrating different holidays and incorporating different traditions. This can be confusing for children in care who have been in multiple homes during the holiday season. 

The holidays can be difficult for children in care for a multitude of reasons we can’t begin to understand. It is important to let the child in care learn about the traditions and holidays you celebrate in your home. This helps prepare for the holiday season and lets them know what to expect so they aren’t surprised. You can do this by simply telling them what you do for the holidays each year, also hopefully getting them excited to experience the season with your family. Or it could be getting a separate calendar and writing down the different events you plan throughout the season. Encourage your child(ren) to help incorporate their own traditions to your home so they feel like the home is theirs as well.  

One of the reasons we love the holidays is because we get to be around loved ones. Your child(ren) in care might start worrying about their loved ones since they are not able to be with them. Help your child(ren) in care make sure their loved ones are ok. You can do this by making phone calls or writing letters to loved ones. You can also assist in purchasing or making holiday gifts or sending cards to their family and friends they aren’t able to be with.  

Lastly, try to understand if they pull away. Kids may miss their biological families during the holidays and struggle with having the holidays without their parents. 

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