City Kids School year has officially begun!!!  What better way to start, than with a BBQ! 😊  Our first BBQ ever at City Kids School and it was a huge success! Life is so much better when we can come along side each other and experience these special moments together.

You are FAMILY!!  One thing our school families love about City Kids School is how we become a community that connects like a family. No matter what we are facing or experiencing in this season of our lives we can lean on each other! Let’s take time to create space to connect, bond, and regularly encouraged one another. Community events like these are uplifting! We know how special it is to collaborate with other people going through the same milestones, and we’re reminded how blessed we are to be surrounded by amazing families.

The BBQ gave us the opportunity to slow down. . .  to eat, laugh, play, and connect.  The kids enjoyed blowing bubbles, exploring the meadow with their friends all the while parents, teachers and other City Ministries employees had the chance to mingle with friends from years before and even meet a few new ones!

This time of year, can feel especially full! It can take quite a bit of planning and organizing in order to get everyone back into the fall routine. We pray that even in the bursting season of the holidays, we can remember to take moments like this to be still and enjoy right where God has placed us!

We are here to learn from each other, and we look forward to experiencing this new school year with all of you!

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