Open House Blitz RSVP

Thank you for your interest in City Kids School! Open house is a great opportunity to talk with the Director and tour a classroom while in session.

Monday, January 28th Open House Blitz begins with Kindergarten @9:15 in the Churchome Café with a Q&R with Director Sheryl.

  • Children turning 5 by August 31st

30-minute tours begin at 9:15am, 9:45am, 10:15am, and 10:45am. Your RSVP is necessary.

Tuesday, January 29th – 2 Day Class
  • Children turning 2.5 by August 31st
Wednesday, January 30th – Pre-K
  • Children turning 4 by August 31st
Thursday, January 31st – 3 Day Class
  • Children turning 3 by August 31st
Please provide us with a bit more information below.


Sorry, all sign-up slots have been filled.