This week we are excited to share with you a bit about our new teachers at City Kids School!    We have 8 new teachers that joined our team! Each one of them brings something special to who we are as a community and school. One of the things that is highly valued in our school is creating a community that is as close as family and this starts with our teachers. We believe that to create a healthy professional relationship, first we must be able to connect as people.  It has been so encouraging to see how every new teacher has been so welcomed, guided and supported as they learn more about their role.

We want to give you the inside scoop to these incredible new teachers. The first teacher we highlight is Teacher Melanie Hoyden who has an earned bachelor’s degree from University of Washington in Communication and is currently working to complete her Child development Associate (CDA).  She volunteers on Sunday’s at Churchome with church kids and leads them in worship through a calm and gentle approach. When we asked another teacher about Melanie she said, “What I like about Melanie is her sweet, tender loving interaction with each individual child”

Then we introduce to you Teacher Andrea Burke, a graduate from Moorpark College with her AA degree; And a fashion design certificate (Salutatorian) from Fashion Career College.   Andrea is a champion marathoner which speaks volumes to her determination and willing to pace herself toward the goal.  The teachers that work alongside “Teacher Andi,” say she is “Cheerful, loving, kind, and a problem solver that never gives up”

Our teaching team is incredible and diverse, one of the aspects we cherish most.

Next, we welcome Teacher Alicia Corrigan a graduate from The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art with an earned bachelor’s degree in Professional Acting. Her training as an actor has helped her understand the importance of children collaborating; adding an artistic eye of creativity, fun and flare to the classroom.  When her fellow teachers were asked what they liked about Alicia they said, “She cares deeply for the students!!”

Our two-day classroom welcomes Teacher Karina Zavala into the playful world of 2.5-3-year-old! Karina is currently attending Regent University to complete her AA degree.  Karina is passionate about helping children to learn through every day experiences and to share her faith by getting to know each child personally and naturally. The teachers that work with her say, “What I like about Karina is that she is always jumping in and helping and always remembers details about families and kids”.

In addition to this dream-team we welcome a new lead teacher to our 3-day classrooms. Teacher Johannys Acevedo graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with an earned bachelor’s degree in Special Education and a master’s degree in Drama Therapy/Couples and Family Therapy from Antioch University in Seattle Washington.  Johannys is playful, compassionate, and respectful of every child’s cultures!!!  Teachers that work with teacher Johannys said she is “kind and intentional with every person she encounters”

Joining Teacher Johannys on this adventure is Teacher Gianina Banda Keys who is currently studying at the University of Washington pursing a bachelor’s degree in Global StudiesShe radiates a warm welcome to everyone she meets, making people she meets a top priority!! When we asked other teachers what they thought about Gianina they said “She is incredibly loving and generous with every single kid. She goes above and beyond to make our class great!”

Also Joining our team is Teacher Sue Cheng with a diploma of Nursing from Taiwan and comes to us with 4 years of preschool experience at Bread of Life Christian Preschool in Bellevue.   Both child and parent adore Sue as she embodies a very nurturing and caring method of leading children. Some of the teachers that work closely with Sue say, “I love that Sue is a problem solver, full of energy and is quick to smile and laugh!”

Our amazing team would not be complete without Teacher Mallory Edwards, with an earned Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Elementary Education as well as her Master of Education in Special Education from University of Colorado Springs.   Mallory has taught First grade for 6 years before joining City Kids School.  When we asked some of the teachers that work with Mallory every day how they would describe her they said, “She is thoughtful and positive! She is creative and has so much insight”!

We are so thankful for each of these wonderful women! “Thank you teachers, for all you do to make our school a quality level of excellence”!

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